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Temporary Chain Link Fence

Temporary Chain Link Fence
Temporary chain link fence

Temporary fence posts are 10x stronger than a handset post because of the way the earth displaces when the post is driven makes it tighter in the ground compared to a hand driven post. This is one of the few occasions where DIY isn’t the best option. While a handset concrete-set post can be as strong as a temporary chain link fence post, it does take between 3-4 days to cure properly and can really delay your project. Hand-driven temporary fence posts, on the other hand, means immediate fence construction and immediate privacy and security.

Our operations team will work with your on-site project managers to ensure the layout, type of installation, and a timely installation.


  • Height: 6' and 8'
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Barbed wire
  • Equipment gates
  • Personnel gates
  • Post driven (on site by qualified technician)
  • Privacy screen